Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment with Multi-Dimensional Care

Man Experiencing Back Pain If chronic back pain is stopping you from living a full life, our Avon team is here to help! Our Avon chiropractor Dr. John Dettmer D.C. integrates medicine and neurology with spinal adjustments and physical therapy for long-lasting, drug-free pain relief from back pain. Dr. Dettmer D.C. has more than 34 years of experience helping Indianapolis patients manage chronic pain, including back pain.

Whether your pain is due to an accident injury, poor posture, or a chronic condition, our unique combination of spinal care and physical medicine can deliver the pain relief you deserve.

Chiropractic Care Helps Provide Back Pain Relief

Our back pain treatment program is an effective pain management alternative to medication because we treat both the symptoms and the causes for your pain. A spinal misalignment, such as a herniated disc, is one of the most common triggers for back pain. Once a disc slips out of alignment, it may compress nearby nerves, triggering a recurring pain sensation. Medication treats this problem by numbing the brain’s ability to perceive back pain. Unfortunately, this also means that once medication wears off, pain will return. Our approach to care is different. Spinal adjustments target the underlying misalignment, relieving nerve compression for long lasting pain relief.

Poor posture is also a leading cause for back pain. Thanks to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, those long hours spent hunched over a computer screen are catching up with patients in the form of chronic pain. Poor posture compresses the lumbar spine, triggering chronic pain. Physical therapy and corrective exercises will help strengthen the core and improve posture, which is essential to relieving pressure on the lumbar spine.

Our treatment combines adjustments with physical therapy and massage therapy. This combination of care delivers enhanced back pain relief by releasing tension trapped within the body’s muscles. For example, after an accident injury, scar tissue may form. This scar tissue then affects the body’s ability to move naturally, exacerbating pain and blocking the body’s natural healing process. Massage therapy and physical therapy are essential to breaking up this scar tissue and restoring a full range of mobility to the body after an injury.

Dr. Dettmer D.C. and our pain management team understand that each patient experiences pain differently. That’s why we are committed to delivering personalized pain management solutions. This starts with a full diagnostic evaluation to determine the underlying cause for your pain. For example, if your pain is due to a spinal misalignment, our diagnostic evaluation is essential to precisely diagnosing the location of a herniated, slipped or bulging disc.

As a multi-dimensional health and wellness center, SpinalCare Physical Medicine is dedicated to helping patients safely manage back pain while supporting whole body health from the inside out. To learn more about our drug-free approach to pain management or to schedule your personal pain relief consultation, contact our office today at (317) 272-4100.


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