Dr. Ted Matthews

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Dr. Ted Matthews
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“When I first started to receive care at SpinalCare, I was having headaches on a daily basis. I would average about three a day. Because of this, I was taking six or more Excedrin per day. After my treatment began, I initially noticed the intensity of my headaches changed. They went from severe to moderate. Eventually the number of headaches decreased. I can now go days without having a headache. Usually when one comes on, it is due to a cold or some other illness. Gone are the days of having daily headaches. I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing headaches on a constant basis. It is definitely worth it.”

Kisha Musgrove

May 2013

"When I first came here I was in a wheelchair with PAIN with burning, stabbing, numbness, and tingling and was unable to move my toes. Just after four treatments I was able to walk without assistance. Dr. Dettmer’s treatment has truly been a miracle plus more. When you first walk into SpinalCare, the staff is more than helpful and fun. We are truly looking forward in finishing our treatments here with Dr. Dettmer and his staff. After going to other doctors, we have found something real, we have found hope, we have found a staff that cares and we have found REAL results. We have found SpinalCare!"

Mark – Indianapolis, IN.

"SpinalCare has been a very great help to my condition, it has helped in getting the circulation, numbness and pain out. The pain is gone. The circulation has improved and I am getting feeling back in my feet and ankles. The entire staff deserves an A++ in their work, knowledge and their attention to your needs. They are also very kind and respectful. This has been a great experience and help. Thanks to all!!"

Bessie – Retired – Indianapolis, IN

“I have not had complete feeling in my feet for 11 years. I fell as a result and had torn a tendon because of no feeling. Two years later, I noticed loss of feeling in the lower legs, the doctor said neuropathy was the cause and there was no cure known. When I started losing feeling in my hands the same diagnosis was given to me. I saw the ad for SpinalCare and thought I would give it a try. After 5 weeks I began to have feeling in my feet and toes and could curl my toes. My younger brother couldn’t even keep up with me and didn’t recognize who I was because I was walking and feeling so much better. Hardly anyone recognized me because my posture was so much better than it had been over the past years. I can finally stand without trying.”

Robert – Locksmith – Franklin, IN

"I have had neuropathy for approximately 8 years before I started treatment at SpinalCare. Before the treatment, I would have so much pain at night that I would wake up 2 or 3 times and have to rub my feet and legs. I also had numbness, burning, and tingling. At one point, my legs felt like they were going to burn off. I noticed the first treatment had given me some relief and after the third treatment, I could tell I had feet again. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and everyone who has suffered from neuropathy."

Dortha – Retired – Greenwood, IN

"Before coming to SpinalCare, I could not get out of bed. The pain I felt for the past three years kept me from walking, working, and even playing with my own children. Several doctors tried different treatments, but nothing seemed to improve the quality of life for me. I came to see Dr. Dettmer for help and after two-three weeks of treatments, I was starting to notice some improvement. Thanks to all of them, I am now starting to go through life with little to no pain. What the staff at SpinalCare had done was nothing short of a miracle. After 3+ years of crippling pain, they have given my life back to me."

Ben – Computer Programmer – Indianapolis, IN

"I came in with constant neck pain and SpinalCare found the problem and started treating it with a 30 visit plan. At visit 20 more x-rays were done and the improvement was dramatic! I don’t wake up in pain and I sleep better. My pain has gone from constant to sporadic and I actually feel a difference in my neck. On top of my problems getting fixed, the staff here is awesome! They are super friendly and obviously very knowledgeable."

Jamie Hainsworth


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