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Avon Chiropractor Issuing Physical Therapy At SpinalCare Physical Medicine, we follow a whole body approach to pain management and injury rehabilitation. Our goal is to not only relieve your pain, but also to support the natural healing process and enhance all aspects of your well-being. Physical therapy is an important part of this injury rehabilitation process. Our physical therapy treatment helps to manage pain by strengthening and stabilizing the body. Together with chiropractic care, these treatments support natural healing and reduce the risk for future injury.

Sports Rehab and Physical Therapy Exercises for Natural Healing

We provide a full range of modalities as part of our physical therapy treatment, including cold laser therapy, ultrasound/electrical stimulation, low level light therapy, cold therapy, and corrective exercises. We will design a custom treatment injury rehabilitation plan that addresses your pain management and rehabilitation needs. For example, depending on your injury, we may recommend physical therapy exercises to minimize inflammation and support the healing process for injured muscles, ligaments and tendons. Other treatments support spinal health and bring a natural curvature back to the spine, which relieves back pain and complements chiropractic adjustments.

One of our most popular physiotherapy treatments is cold therapy. This treatment helps reduce inflammation, a primary trigger for chronic pain. Cold therapies also increase blood flow to the injured muscle tissue, flushing out toxins and promoting internal healing. Together with ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy, cold therapy helps to release tension from injured muscles, which relieves chronic pain.

Has a sports injury or personal injury made daily activities difficult? High impact sports like running can strain the soft tissue surrounding the knee or ankle, triggering chronic inflammation. After this injury, many patients struggle with basic movements, such as walking up and down stairs or sitting for an extended period. Due to back or neck pain triggered by the injury, it may be incredibly painful to sleep at night. We can help bring natural movement back to your body.

After a personal injury, many of our patients feel stiff and sore, suffering from restricted mobility. Corrective exercises are a safe and effective way to restore natural movement to the body without risking future injury. We teach our patients exercises that build coordination, flexibility, and strength. These exercises are not only a safe way to recover the body’s natural range of motion, but they also support the natural healing process. For example, increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood helps to flush toxins from the tissues. This allows the body to “heal itself,” helping our patients get stronger and healthier without the need for surgery or medication.

Sports rehab exercises can also help reduce the risk for future injury. For example, strengthening the body’s core muscle group helps to protect the spine and supports natural spinal curvature. Maintaining spinal alignment is essential for alleviating strain on lower back and naturally managing back pain.

If you are looking for physical therapy in Avon for your injury rehabilitation, contact SpinalCare Physical Medicine to make an appointment today.


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