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Who We Are:

SpinalCare Physical Medicine consists of physician specialists, chiropractors, and medical assistants in a professional state-of-the-art facility that is elegant and contemporary.

We believe there are few things as important as your health. If you are currently living with chronic pain of any kind don’t just wait for it to go away. Left unchecked and untreated most conditions will worsen. Chronic pain is known to cause symptoms beyond the pain itself including anxiety and depression.

At SpinalCare Physical Medicine we have a unique approach to your health and treatment. Unlike many other health care centers, our primary goal is to uncover the root of your pain or condition and target the cause of your condition. We do this in a spa like environment designed to make you comfortable and relaxed.

Our Staff:

What really separates SpinalCare Physical Medicine staff from other clinics is our philosophy of combining several different types of physical medicine under one roof all in the effort to benefit patients and help treat their pain faster and more effectively. We believe that not only is there a need for physical medicine to align and improve function to the spine and cranial structures, but also the need for physical therapy modalities and rehabilitation to stretch and strengthen the appropriate muscles, ligaments and tendons supporting the bones and curves of the spine. We believe in combining chiropractic care and rehabilitative approaches to effectively diagnose conditions and to help speed your recovery.


Office Hours

Office Hours


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